Thursday, 28 June 2012


Excuse my lack of blogging! I sort of got lazy...and I've been staying at home a lot, so nothing interesting to blog about!
Here's the highlight of my week. Sorry it's iPhone quality, I hardly take out my camera anymore -SHAME- ): Also, now I'm starting a bad habit of using Instagram, aha
 My uncle's cute dog, CJ :)

I've been getting lazy and started buying sushi for dinner once in awhile, sooo bad...
&I went to Pacific Mall the other day and purchased a few Asian fashion magazines. [VIVI and Popteen], I can't read Chinese. Such a poser, aha.

 Went to Yorkdale Mall a week ago to attend the MICHELLE PHAN (Youtube make-up guru) meet and greet! The lines were long and it was my first time at Yorkdale, so my friend and I decided we should just take a peek, try to snap a few pictures then leave. :P

Here's my paparazzi looking shot of Michelle going down to her interview ! I'm in love with her outfit, she's such a tiny person in real life! 
I finally discovered a TOPSHOP in Toronto! (The Bay near Eatons is too small) But sadly I found nothing I liked. ):

[Strawberry cheesecake frozen yogurt + sprinkles + strawberries]



  1. what a fun day, hope you got to meet her!!

    1. Aha sadly, we got too lazy to line up ):
      So I'm content with just a paparazzi shot! aha

  2. Lovely blog.