Friday, 13 July 2012


Excuse my lack of posting, I had to make new life changes and it took awhile of adjusting, along with my full time summer school, full time work and my constant hangouts with new friends.
Here's my post of pictures of what I have been doing recently! 
Excuse my food spam, all I do is spend money on food! AHA

Froyo form Menchies! 
My birthday just pasted and I celebrated by going clubbing TWO times! ...because i can! aha 
Right when I turned 19 at 12a.m. I went to Red Square aka This is London Nightclub then right before my birthday ended I went to a lounge on Bloor.

I've been going to other places too lately, such as late night bowling, Wonderland and the beach !

That's all for now! Enjoy

Thursday, 28 June 2012


Excuse my lack of blogging! I sort of got lazy...and I've been staying at home a lot, so nothing interesting to blog about!
Here's the highlight of my week. Sorry it's iPhone quality, I hardly take out my camera anymore -SHAME- ): Also, now I'm starting a bad habit of using Instagram, aha
 My uncle's cute dog, CJ :)

I've been getting lazy and started buying sushi for dinner once in awhile, sooo bad...
&I went to Pacific Mall the other day and purchased a few Asian fashion magazines. [VIVI and Popteen], I can't read Chinese. Such a poser, aha.

 Went to Yorkdale Mall a week ago to attend the MICHELLE PHAN (Youtube make-up guru) meet and greet! The lines were long and it was my first time at Yorkdale, so my friend and I decided we should just take a peek, try to snap a few pictures then leave. :P

Here's my paparazzi looking shot of Michelle going down to her interview ! I'm in love with her outfit, she's such a tiny person in real life! 
I finally discovered a TOPSHOP in Toronto! (The Bay near Eatons is too small) But sadly I found nothing I liked. ):

[Strawberry cheesecake frozen yogurt + sprinkles + strawberries]


Tuesday, 19 June 2012


Here's what's happening in my life in picture form :)
I finished my sociology exam on saturday morning and missioned home back to Niagara Falls.
Took a quick visit to Dundas Square since it was on the way!
Bye bye Toronto! 

 My sister bought my awesome earrings! ;)

The same weekend, Niagara was hosting our annual Rotary Club of Niagara Falls Sunrise Ribfest and BBQ ! Took a stroll around the area to check it out :) Too full to buy anything though 

Of course, one of the many things I must do when I get back to Niagara! THRIFT !

Lastly, to feed my BeaverTails obsession, I have to purchase one every time I'm back!
Beavertails is a line of fried dough pastries with a variety of flavours that are filled ontop.
Cinnamon is my favourite! I also took a few shots of Cliffton Hill (Niagara Fall's main tourist area) before I left.

 Lastly, I had a Chinese dinner with my family :) The main purpose of coming home. Family time and reunion with those who I have not seen in a while. The most important thing.

Enjoy your day !