Friday, 13 July 2012


Excuse my lack of posting, I had to make new life changes and it took awhile of adjusting, along with my full time summer school, full time work and my constant hangouts with new friends.
Here's my post of pictures of what I have been doing recently! 
Excuse my food spam, all I do is spend money on food! AHA

Froyo form Menchies! 
My birthday just pasted and I celebrated by going clubbing TWO times! ...because i can! aha 
Right when I turned 19 at 12a.m. I went to Red Square aka This is London Nightclub then right before my birthday ended I went to a lounge on Bloor.

I've been going to other places too lately, such as late night bowling, Wonderland and the beach !

That's all for now! Enjoy


  1. Happy belated
    birthday!! I hope
    you had a nice
    one c:

    Don't worry, I
    think I spend my
    money on food like
    80% haha..


  2. PSYDUCK? OMG what bowling place do you go to and how is it so amazing? Oh, and happy b-day :P