Tuesday, 12 June 2012


Lack of money = lack of nail polish
Also the fact that I moved out of home and that mom pretty much owns all the nail polishes means that I had to get new ones for myself. So far I'm only purchasing pastels and nudes!
Current nail color: Coral
Copper Penny by REVLON // Almond from Forever21 // 460 Snappy Sorbert by Sally Hansen // 05 Whisper by Sally Hansen // Mint by O.P.I 

Here are other photographs of nail art taken from other blogs stated below or in the picture.
Taken from welovemakemyday.tumblr

Taken from justmynails.tumblr

Taken from spektorsnails.tumblr

Taken from mochimoo.tumblr


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    1. Thank you lovely! :)
      I will be checking out your blog !

  2. Wow!!! Those nails are stunning! Love it!!!